No summer without a beach

Come to the water!

Oct 3, 2022

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No summer without a beach

Come to the water!

2022. October 03.

strand Aranypart Camping Siófok

Everyone wants to be by the lakeside when it’s scorching hot. At times like that, there is nothing quite like the cool water, the beach, the fresh lakeside air and the shade of the trees. The only problem is that you often only realise you need a break from the city at the last moment, and by then you will be hard pressed to find suitable accommodation by the water, and especially around Lake Balaton. So it is well worth reserving your accommodation in the quiet winter months, outside of the peak beach season. You can save yourself a lot of hassle this way when the peak season starts.


Siófok is one of the most popular destinations outside of Budapest

Siófok is at the top of the league table for guest-nights for a reason. It is a beautiful tourist destination offering picturesque views, clear waters and an effervescent atmosphere.


The Plázs

A few years ago, the Plázs was the second most popular venue in the whole of Hungary. It is popular not just among foreigners but also Hungarian tourists. Uniquely, the town hosts the most visitors in June, because climate change has turned Lake Balaton into a real summer destination even before the peak season officially starts. Temperatures often breach 30 degrees in the early summer.

Over the course of a year, tourists enjoy more than 1 million guest-nights in Siófok, on average.


Act quickly to avoid disappointment

Popular accommodation providers tend to fill up quickly, so be sure to make an advance booking in January or February, or even as an early gift to yourself before Christmas. Many would-be holiday-makers leave it till late, and end up having to spend a great deal of time looking for the right accommodation once the summer season starts. Make your own life easier and book your accommodation of choice during the quiet months. It only takes a few clicks. As you can see from the figures, Siófok is a very popular holiday destination.


beach wakeboard Aranypart Camping Siófok

Siófok beach: We love it, and you will too

Siófok has several beaches. The Grand Beach is one of the longest and most popular around Lake Balaton. It covers over 8 hectares, and spans 670 metres of the Balaton lakeside.

The beach is only open during the summer season, and welcomes those looking to relax or have some fun between May and September.

The Gold Coast spans 4 kilometres, and is probably the most family-friendly beach. It is clean and well kept, and there is plenty of room for everyone even during busy periods, thanks to its large area. There is an exceptional range of services on offer here, from snack bars and many other catering establishments to anything else you may need to be perfectly comfortable, including toilets, lockers, spots to relax at and a grass-covered beach.

There are also sandpits and a playground for young children, and beach volley ball courts for slightly older visitors. If you want to have a go on a pedalo or try SUP, wakeboarding or rowing, you can hire all you need right here. The biggest attraction is probably the aptly named Slide Street, where you can experience the joy of exhilarating speed on the two giant waterslides.


If you’re visiting the Gold Coast, stay at Aranypart Camping

If you like the Gold Coast and want to find accommodation as close to it as possible, there is no better option than Aranypart Camping. The campsite is situated right by the lake, and has easy access to the beach. This will come in handy for a number of reasons. Firstly, you won’t have to drive from your accommodation to the beach, and even if you are travelling with children, you won’t have to lug a whole lot of beach equipment around. If you do leave something at home, you can just pop back to pick it up quickly. Aranypart Camping has a range of accommodation types on offer, as well as on-site restaurants and snack bars. During the peak season, children can join day-long animation events and other fun activities within the campsite or on the beach.

So don’t hesitate, because all the best spots will be snatched up if you leave it till late. Make a booking today! The autumn is a great time to start planning your next summer holiday, long weekend or day trips. Having the dates in the calendar will give everyone something to look forward to.