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Animation programmes from 28 June to 24 August 2024

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Visit us between 28 June and 24 August 2024, and you will be able to enjoy many special treats and a fantastic atmosphere thanks to the range of animation activities we have prepared. The Animacik team is responsible for keeping the guests of Aranypart Camping & Apartments entertained. We have something suitable for every age group, thanks to our expert animators, who are all excellent communicators. Click here to read more about the Animacik team.

Puzzle tables and board game central

Children and adults alike are guaranteed to will find everything they could possibly need for a fantastic game: mechanical puzzles, card games and memory games as well as a range of board games and brain teasers.

Art and craft

Special art and craft activities, which bring a different surprise every day. Check our event schedule for details!

Sporty and playful

One of the most fun things you can do as a family or group of young friends is to pit yourselves against each other in a playful way. We have a range of agility courses, physically challenging games, relay races, obstacle courses and one-minute challenges for you, but you can also choose from our range of treasure hunt, fox hunt and icebreaker games.

beach party every night
from 7pm till 8pm

The most popular activity, which no young holiday-maker will want to miss, is the nightly Beach Party. Each evening, this is the place to be for enjoying singing, dancing and carefree fun.

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