Dog friendly accommodation in Siófok

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Aranypart Camping & Apartments is not only dog-friendly accommodation, but also a camping and holiday resort that welcomes your four-legged friends as guests in their own right.

What’s more, owners will not have to compromise on comfort, either, when staying with us. You can take your pets with you whether you are staying in a tent, a caravan, or in one of our apartments or mobile houses.

The campsite’s restaurant, café, bar and snack bar all welcome dogs. While you are sipping a delicious coffee at one of these beachside venues, your loyal pet can stay right by your side. With us, dog-friendly accommodation also means dog-friendly hospitality!

Dog-friendly accommodation
in the heart of nature

Dog-friendly accommodation so close to nature as Aranypart Camping & Apartments is also an ideal choice for dogs. There are plenty of exciting things for them to explore while on holiday, whether it’s a walk in the surrounding area or a little sniffing around on the beach. Fresh air, the ability to run around freely and proximity to nature always have a beneficial effect on dogs’ health and well-being.  
As an owner, there is no better feeling than seeing your pet running around happily while you’re out and about, and enjoying the freedom with you. Camping is the best possible decision for all those looking for dog-friendly accommodation. Camping holidays are great not just for friendships between people but also offer an opportunity to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners.

Surprises for all our guests
Dog-friendly beach in Zamárdi

The Aranypart Camping & Apartments wristband allows you free entry to the nearby dog beachin Zamárdi!

Ezzel a kis meglepetéssel szeretnénk önfeledt pillanatokat szerezni minden kutyával nyaraló vendégünknek és a kis kedvenceknek egyaránt.

This is our little treat for you, to help you and your furry friend make some unforgettable memories while you are enjoying your holiday together.

The dog beach at Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi is located on a pleasant, fenced-off part of the beach, where dogs can play to their hearts’ content. As a provider of dog-friendly accommodation, it is important to us to make sure our four-legged friends can have a great time, too.

Our guests can enjoy free entry to Mirabella Camping’s new dog beach!

Important information

Accommodation for dogs

The daily fee for accommodating a dog at the campsite is EUR 7 per day. Aranypart Camping & Apartments is completely dog-friendly accommodation, so you can even bring pets into our mobile houses and apartments. We use special cleaning method to ensure everything is spick and span when you arrive in one of our mobile houses or apartments. In the case of mobile houses and apartments, a final cleaning fee of EUR 44 for each clean will also charged, in addition to the daily fee for pets.

Each house can accommodate up to 2 dogs.

Campsite rules

Pet policy

It is worth taking a look at the campsite rules, but if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact reception staff. For example, if you are not sure where you can let your dog run around the campsite, ask our colleagues who are always happy to help you.

Please behave in a neighbourly fashion and observe the Campsite Rules, which are a mandatory prerequisite of staying at our campsite.

This is the best way to make sure you, your four-legged friend and other campers can all enjoy a pleasant holiday while you’re staying with us.


Please always keep your dogs on a lead while you are at the campsite, except inside your mobile house. This is important for everyone’s safety, and will also help ensure your furry best friend doesn’t wander off.


Please remember that dogs are not allowed on the beach or in Lake Balaton. If you’d like to enjoy a splash together, pop over to nearby Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi, and enjoy free entry on us!


Az Aranypart Camping & Apartments munkatársai fokozottan ügyelnek a kemping tisztaságára, hogy gyönyörű környezetben pihenhessetek. Kérjük, légy résen és mindig takaríts fel kutyusod után!

in the mobile houses and

Going on holiday with your dog is about making memories together. Please don’t leave your dog alone in the mobile house for extended periods to avoid causing them separation anxiety (evidenced by barking, scratching at the door, etc.). Please consider your dog’s need before taking them on a holiday. Check beforehand that your dog is happy to be left on their own in a new place.


Please take good care of the furnishings. Do not allow your pet to climb onto the beds and furniture at any time.


Owners will be held fully responsible, accountable and liable for any damage caused to a mobile house or anything else within Aranypart Camping & Apartments.


Please note that we will inspect your accommodation on the day of your departure, before you vacate the apartment and check out.


Please observe these rules to ensure everyone can have a relaxing holiday.