Sports and leisure activities at the campsite and apartments

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An active lifestyle on the Aranypart

Aranypart Camping & Apartments is more than just accommodation: it is a place for leisure where you can benefit from the positive effects of an active lifestyle or simply enjoy doing nothing. The resort offers a wide range of leisure and sports activities, so you are guaranteed to find one that suits your preferences.

Leisure activities

The campsite and holiday resort offers a variety of leisure and other activities, and we’re sure you’ll simply love active relaxation with us. You can visit Siófok’s most beautiful beach or splash around in the heated experience pool without even leaving Aranypart Camping & Apartments. Or enjoy a pleasant and regenerative massage, also available right here at the campsite.

A superb playground and regular animation activities promise loads of fun to the youngest holiday-makers. These activities also allow parents to relax a little while they are contentedly watching their happy children at play. Every day, the Animacik team prepares unique, exciting animation activities.

You can meet Lake Balaton’s favourite team of animators at the campsite between 28 June and 24 August 2024. Every age group will find something to do from the long list of themed activities, delivered by animators who are all excellent communicators and passionate about their work. Click here to read more about the Animacik team.

The most popular activity, which none of our young guests will want to miss, is the Beach Party in the evening. The Beach is open every night, and it is the place to be for singing, dancing and carefree fun.

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experience pool

Immerse yourself in the relaxing water and enjoy true luxury in the pool. You can pamper yourself with a pleasant bathing experience even on the chillier days of your holiday.


Experience the authentic camping experience at the cosy fire pits, where you can even cook if the mood strikes you. You can also buy firewood and rent a cooking pot and tripod at the campsite.


Enjoy a professional massage session, and you’ll feel replenished, relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. For more information and to make a booking, contact the reception or call +36 70 391 9331


Let your kids run free on the campsite’s certified playground, where the little ones can release their energy and discover new adventures in a safe environment.


Aranypart Camping & Apartments in Siofok has a range of sport and game facilities to spice up your holiday with some special experiences. Foosball, table tennis and mini golf are perfect for relaxation for groups of any size. Light activity fills you with joy, and the excitement of a friendly match makes the time spent together memorable.

Lake Balaton offers great water adventures, but giant chess is also indispensable for an authentic beach atmosphere. We all know that strategic thinking is a real sport, but given the size of the pieces, the game can also provide a physical challenge. The spectacular giant chess set also attracts children, so it is a great opportunity to introduce your little ones to the pieces and the moves.

We wholeheartedly recommend the volleyball court to those who are driven by the spirit of competition and are looking for a little more physically demanding pastime. Volleyball, one of the most popular team sports, is also available in the campsite and holiday resort. Take to the court with your family and friends, but don’t be surprised if other challengers step forward not long after!

The leisure infrastructure at Aranypart Camping & Apartments also fosters a sense of community, as fierce matches often take place on the sports fields and lifelong friendships are forged here from time to time. We are always happy to see a self-organised sports event. Our guests like to organise house tournaments. Feel free to join in, as these social moments will make your time here even more varied and memorable.

Mini golf

Mini golf is one of the most fun games you can play as a group, so make sure you give it a try! Clubs and balls are provided.

Volleyball court

Let yourself get caught up in the excitement of the game! Make sure to bring your own ball to play.


A great atmosphere is guaranteed whenever the Reds and the Blues clash!

Giant chess set

Conquer your opponent and take the game outdoors. We know the pieces look great, but please don’t take them home with you!

Table tennis

A few friendly volleys or a deadly serious game – our table can accommodate either. You can also borrow some paddles and balls if you need.