Public beach and Bamboo Island

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Waterborne adventures
on Siófok’s most beautiful beach

Visit us and you dive head-first into the enjoyment of the authentic beachside feeling. Aranypart Camping & Apartments is located directly next to Lake Balaton. It is a paradise for water sports lovers and adventure seekers. The public beach is easily accessible from the campsite and holiday resort, with a total of five direct exits connecting you to the water.

Siófok’s most beautiful beach lies within arm’s reach of your accommodation, along with a wide range of options for active relaxation. In addition to the captivating views, you can also expect exciting challenges, thanks to Wakeboard – Bamboo Island, which is only 80 metres from the shore, inviting you to conquer the water!

Public beach

The Aranypart public beach in Siófok is located right next to Aranypart Camping & Apartments. In this beautiful green, grassy and wooded area, you can choose the ideal place to relax along the lakeside in an area that is nearly 30 metres wide. Thanks to the huge trees, approximately one third of the entire area is shaded. There are several showers on the beach and comfortable steps that lead into the water. The public beach also has snack bars, toilets, a playground and options for sports equipment rental. You can try the classic pedal boat, go rowing or discover the services of Wakeboard – Bamboo Island. Entry to the Aranypart public beach is free.

Public beach
on the Aranypart

Aranypart Camping & Apartments has 5 exits leading directly to the beach. Click here for the
campsite map.

on the beach

The Aranypart public beach in Siófok boasts excellent infrastructure. You will also find toilet there.

on the beach

A day on the Aranypart is the perfect family activity, thanks in part to the excellent playground that will delight the youngest beach-goers.

Bamboo Island
on the public beach

You can rent sports equipment at Bamboo Island, and well-trained, professional instructors will also be on hand to help you have a truly unforgettable experience. After a long day of pushing your body to its limits, why not enjoy some well-earned rest in this wonderful floating oasis. Bamboo Island awaits with resting spots, sunbeds, parasols and a great little snack bar.

Bamboo Island’s services include wakeboarding, landlock, wakeskating, double board, monoski and surfing experiences.

the biggest thing this summer

Wakeboard, más néven vízisí egy valódi extrém sport, amely magában foglalja a síelés, a snowboardozás és a szörfözés elemeit, ugyanakkor teljesen más kihívást jelent, mint mondjuk a klasszikus szörf. A wakeboardozók a víz tetején siklanak, miközben egy kötél segítségével egy motorcsónak húzza őket, esetleg egy kötél-pályán vontatják magukat.

Wakeboarding is a form of water skiing, and a true extreme sport that combines elements of skiing, snowboarding and windsurfing, while also offering a completely different challenge from traditional windsurfing. Wakeboarders glide on the surface of the water while holding on to a rope attached to a motorboat which tows them, but there is also a rope course version.

Staying upright is no small feat and requires a good deal of practice, but your perseverance will be rewarded with a sense of speed that provides an experience unlike any other. This sport is a great option for any adrenaline-hungry athletes.

Wakeboarding offers an opportunity to test your limits and enjoy the unmatched experiences that extreme sports provide. It should come as no surprise then than wakeboarding is gaining increasing popularity around Lake Balaton, as well.

The Bamboo Wakeboard course attracts young people as well as everyone else with a thirst for the thrill of something new during their holiday. One of the reasons wakeboarding is such a great activity is that it provides the perfect combination of a genuine sport and the carefree lakeside atmosphere. You can experience true freedom and feel proud of your genuine athletic feats at the same time.

Who is this sport
recommended for?

Wakeboarding is not an ordinary sport, so we would mostly recommend it to those who like challenges and already have experience on the water, or are interested in water sports. In any case, it is a very exciting activity that is both fun and a true test of your fitness levels.

Since wakeboarding requires you to keep your whole body upright, it is not only a great way of exercising your muscles but also has a beneficial effect on your coordination skills.

The consensus is that this sport is for those who are some experience in water sports or who have good stamina as it can be difficult for beginners the first few times. All beginnings are difficult, and this is certainly true of wakeboarding, too. When you try it for the first time, it can be a challenge to control the board and even to stay above the water.

But you should definitely not let these initial difficulties put you off, because once you get the hang of it, you will be treated to an experience like no other. Gliding freely on the water, enjoying the speed and revelling in your sense of achievement can be a real shot of adrenaline.

You will be perfectly safe while experimenting on the Bamboo Wakeboard Course, as using the right equipment and following the safety rules will help ensure that anyone can enjoy the experience of wakeboarding without any concerns.