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Culinary adventures on the Aranypart

Aranypart Camping & Apartments offers to pamper you with various high-quality culinary experiences every day: quality meals can make your holiday even more enjoyable.

A hearty breakfast is a great start to a busy day. You can buy all the important ingredients at the convenience store located right at the campsite. The First Kitchen is a first-class campsite restaurant, its excellent food sure to please every palate, whether you’re looking for a light lunch or even a delicious dinner.

There is a cosy beachside bistro located at the campsite, along with a snack bar with a real quality offering, a café, a waterfront bar and a fully-stocked on-site convenience store aimed at ensuring your comfort.

Both the camping restaurant and the other excellent catering establishments offer real culinary adventures without even having to leave your accommodation, in the most beautiful part of Siófok, right along the Aranypart.

The Aranypart Camping & Apartments team works hard to ensure your comfort, and this is no different when it comes to food and drink. We have a range of superb services, a campsite restaurant and other great catering establishments for you to choose from. Visit us and enjoy a combination of lakeside adventures, delicious food and cold drinks during your holiday.

The First Kitchen
One of the best camping restaurants

The First Kitchen is definitely worthy of its name. Its wide range of Hungarian dishes definitely makes it one of the best when it comes to campsite restaurants.

If your travel companions include some with a healthy appetite, consider one of the fully loaded sharing platters, which are big enough to satisfy a small family.
The campsite restaurant is also the ideal choice if you’re travelling with children, because the preferences of the youngest visitors are fully catered for. The menu includes all the classic children’s favourites. Visit The First Kitchen, and enjoy flavours and an ambience like nowhere else.

Looking for something special? Discover the latest specialties in the Chef’s Offers!


The campsite restaurant has varied breakfast options as well as a wide range of soups, mains, salads and desserts, and they all come in huge portions. The menu includes the all-time favourites of Hungarian cuisine as well as the contemporary greats. Every meal is a guaranteed to be an experience here.


The range of flavours you can enjoy at the campsite restaurant goes beyond food: they also have a range of quality wines from the Balaton region, other alcoholic drinks, refreshing soft drinks, fantastic summer lemonade concoctions and delicious coffees to delight guests.

Half-board option

The First Kitchen restaurant also offers full-board and half-board options. They can even accommodate whole groups, so if you are visiting Aranypart Camping & Apartments for a company training course, team building session or school trip, you can all eat together in comfort at the campsite restaurant.

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or call +36 30 423-4030.

Egyálom Corner

Egyálom Corner will spice up your meals with a real Mediterranean bistro ambience. Whether you want a light summer meal, a glass of delicious wine, or just a nice place to have dinner, then Egyálom Corner is the ideal place for you, just like the campsite restaurant. Here, you can enjoy beautiful views of Lake Balaton and atmospheric music in the evenings, which all contribute to a perfect holiday. The intimate atmosphere is complemented by genuine flavour experiences and delicious drinks.

Groups and students can order breakfast, lunch and dinner menus in advance. In addition, group ordering also means discounted prices.

On the menu, pictograms indicate allergens to help you choose the right food for you if you have food intolerances.

During the high season, Egyálom Corner offers SUP rental services and even has an ice cream parlour set up. And for the fans of the Summer Olympics, we will have special promotions and a dedicated fans’ menu.


Egyálom Corner offers a selection of traditional, contemporary and street food dishes, so you are guaranteed to find something you like, whether you feel like a rich salad, a delicious artisan hamburger, a freshly cooked meal or a light snack.


Egyálom Corner offers a wide range of drinks including coffees, soft drinks, quality wines and cocktails. If you’re thirsty, this is definitely the place to visit.

On tap

Egyálom Corner has many quality drinks on tap. Find your favourite among the many fresh and cold beers. The selection has been designed so that everyone will find the flavour that best suits their palate.

Egyálom Terasz

Lazily sipping a delicious coffee or silky, foamy cappuccino while basking in the glorious morning sunshine is a dream come true for many of us. Egyálom Terasz is situated right on the beach, which further contributes to the experience of idyllic bliss.

Egyálom Terasz is the ideal choice if you are looking to relax. It offers light entertainment in the evening, and the children will also find something fun to do thanks to the educational games and brain teasers they can play with here. Visit to enjoy an evening of quizzes on the terrace, a film club or live acoustic music.

The Olympics will be one of the defining events of the summer of 2024, with a live coverage and a dedicated fans’ menu.


Nothing beats the feeling of relaxing by Lake Balaton with a heavenly cocktail in your hand. Egyálom Terasz has a range of dazzling and tasty cocktail wonders on offer.

Drinks and coffee

Would you prefer a delicious espresso or a light latte? You are guaranteed to find the specialty coffee to suit your mood here. The menu also has a range of other refreshing options.

On tap

Beer connoisseurs believe no holiday would be complete without enjoying a nice drink in a great atmosphere. Whether you agree or not, Egyálom Terasz has some excellent beers on tap to help make everyone’s dreams come true.

Golden Lake Buffet, Aranypart Camping & Apartment

Quality ingredients, exceptional beach buffet offer! Experience the delights of a classic Balaton beach buffet, reimagined with a modern twist.

The buffet is the perfect choice, not only for those looking for a quick snack, but also for having a main course, thanks to the generous portions.

The location of the buffet is also excellent. It’s located inside the camping, near the exit almost on the beach. While enjoying the delicacies, you can also admire the panoramic view of Lake Balaton.

The menu also includes dishes that are meat-free and lactose-free. For allergen information, please refer to the menu.

You can enjoy coverage of the UEFA Euro 2024 matches and other sporting events on a big screen TV.


One of the delicacies on the menu is the crispy fried hake fish (hekk), which paired with some delicious pickled cucumber, makes for a heavenly lunch. You will also find a variety of fried delicacies on the menu. The richly filled döner kebab and falafel are served with plenty of fresh vegetables, and the homemade burgers are topped with freshly baked buns.


No beach experience is complete without enjoying a traditional Hungarian lángos. The specialty of the Golden Lake Buffet is the stuffed lángos, prepared with special toppings. You can also choose the traditional cheese and sour cream lángos, or try the version with bacon, red onions or sausage! For dessert, you can enjoy a lángos with Nutella or topped with fruits.


Enjoying a refreshing cold drink is the perfect way to relax on the shores of Lake Balaton. Choose from your favourites at the Golden Lake Buffet, where you’ll find classic and flavoured beers, refreshing spritzers, coffee and soft drinks.

Campsite convenience store

Aranypart Camping & Apartments also has a fully stocked convenience store, so if you want to skip the restaurant one day and opt instead for a fun lakeside picnic or if you’re looking to put together a hearty breakfast to start the day, you can do without even having to leave your accommodation.

If you realise you’ve left an important ingredient at home, or if you’re simply feeling snackish, you won’t have to set out on a long and tiring shopping trip, spending your precious holiday looking for a shop in Siófok. Just pop into the convenience store and pick up whatever you need.

For those with special dietary needs, Camping ABC offers a simple solution. They offer Gluten-free, lactose-free and diabetic-friendly products. For individual requests, customers can order larger quantities or very specific products.

Order your breakfast!

At the ABC convenience store you can order fresh bakery products in advance. You can place your orders in person at the convenience store, providing your tent pitch or apartment number, and the next morning, the freshly baked goods will be waiting for you.

You need to pay for your order when you place it, allowing you to simply just pick up your package the next morning! There is no rush at the camping! You can pick up your order at your convenience; we will keep your paid products until closing time.

Freshly baked bread,
dairy products

Whether you’re feeling like enjoying a delicious breakfast without leaving your accommodation or want to pack lunch for an eventful day outdoors, the convenience store has delicious-smelling bakery products, cheeses and other dairy products for you.

All you need for cooking

If you want to cook, you can use the campsite kitchen, the kitchens in your very own mobile house of apartment, or even stay in the open air for the unmatched atmosphere of outdoor cooking. We have all the amenities you need, and you can pick up all the ingredients at the convenience store.

Cold drinks,

Holidays are for treating yourself. If you are feeling snackish or want a cold drink, you will find what you’re looking for at the fully stocked convenience store.