Beautiful panoramas of Lake Balaton

Panorama at Siófok

Sep 30, 2022

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Beautiful panoramas of Lake Balaton

Panorama at Siófok

2022. September 30.

panoráma Balaton - Aranypart Camping Siófok

It is difficult to explain why bird’s-eye views, broad horizons and wonderful vistas are so appealing. In olden days, the beauty of landscapes and panoramas was associated with communing with the sublime because drinking in these views instils a sense of the infinite and the transcendental. They allow us to experience the vastness of the world, and they dwarf all those things in our everyday lives that we often attribute much or even too much importance to.

So it is understandable why enjoying this sort of view doesn’t normally come cheap. A piece of real estate commanding excellent views is sold at a premium, and many are only within reach to the richest. Those of us who can’t afford to buy will go to great lengths to experience these views, and will climb towers, mountains or lookout points to be part of this natural wonder.


Visit Siófok to experience marvellous views

The Ferris wheel at Siófok offers not just entertainment but also the opportunity to experience stunning views.  Siófok Water Tower is over 40 metres tall, and also offers great views, including the northern shore of the lake and Tihany. In clear weather, you can see even farther. The third storey of the tower offers a truly “dizzying” view because the floor of the entire floor rotates slowly, so you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the surrounding area while sitting at your table.

Considering they are so popular, it is little wonder that beautiful views can cost a small fortune. In Siófok, a literal tax is levied on having a lake view, for example. Coming face to face with the greatness of nature expands the mind and inspires awe while also relaxing the soul. It is a great way to help forget the troubles of our busy day-to-day lives.

Sometimes it can feel like we have strayed too far from nature, and we fail to appreciate all it has to offer. An increasing number of people are trying to return to nature and recharge themselves through experiencing its small miracles. This trend is evident on all social networks, where posts about sunsets, clouds and thunderstorms abound, bearing witness to our shared desire to rediscover nature, and to learn to appreciate it once again.


Panoramic view of Lake Balaton – Twilight at Aranypart Camping


Spots that offer a beautiful view are also popular day trip destinations

Not everything is about consumption, after all. Happiness does not come from staying at a five-star hotel or buying all sorts of trinkets. A single moment experienced fully can bring far more joy than pointlessly and wastefully spending money. You have to leave yourself enough time to be able to absorb the beauty of nature, and create opportunities to encounter it in the first place.

One way of getting closer to nature is to go on a hike, a boat trip or set up a tent in the middle of a forest, but if you are looking for the right balance between being in the heart of nature while not forgoing civilisation’s comforts, Aranypart Camping is the perfect choice. We have houses and caravan plots right on the beach that offer fantastic views of Lake Balaton. If that is what you are looking for, check out the campsite map, and pick your ideal accommodation by the lake.

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A bit more about experiencing the sublime

The question of what inspires a sense of the sublime is a topic an old English author explored in detail. He believed that the greatness of nature inspires astonishment, which fills the soul to the extent that one cannot focus on anything else in that moment.

This author, Edmund Burke, also said that certain natural phenomena produce feelings (or, in his words, “passions”) such as awe, astonishment or even fear, which explains the immense power of panoramas. He believed that they allowed one to come face to face with endlessness and eternity, which inspire dumbstruck awe.

This explains, at least in part, why we all love beautiful views, why we admire sunrises, sunsets and the like. Make sure to seek out the places where you can experience these natural wonders to the fullest.