The 2023 wakeboard season

Sports and a waterfront lifestyle

May 13, 2023

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The 2023 wakeboard season

Sports and a waterfront lifestyle

2023. May 13.

wakeboard Bamboo sziget Aranypart Camping Siófok

Wakeboard course is now available to campers

At Aranypart Camping, you can really immerse yourself in the joys of the waterfront lifestyle. Here you will find everything you need for carefree relaxation. Outdoor games, sports facilities, a heated outdoor pool and the wonderful Lake Balaton beach all await you. Those who have already visited us know that you can expect lazy mornings and, depending on your preference, active or relaxing days during your holiday at our campsite.

The 2023 season brings another great opportunity for lovers of water sports and adventure-seeking campers. The Wakeboard – Bamboo Island now awaits those who wish to conquer the waves, and is situated a mere 80 metres from the shore.


Waterfront adventures – At discount with an Aranypart wristband

This year, Wakeboard – Bamboo Island has a great offer for all guests of the campsite. If you have an Aranypart Camping wristband, you can take advantage of a two-for-one discount for all wakeboard services offered at Bamboo Island.


wakeboard Bamboo Island, Aranypart Camping Siófok

Bamboo Island, Aranypart Camping Siófok


Services at Bamboo Island

  • wakeboard
  • landlock
  • wakeskate
  • paired skis
  • monoski
  • windsurfing

You can rent all the equipment you will need on Bamboo Island, and their professional, expert instructors are also on hand to ensure you can make some truly unforgettable memories. After some vigorous physical activity, you can enjoy a spell of relaxation on this amazing floating oasis. Bamboo Island has spots for resting, loungers, parasols and a fantastic little snack bar, too.


Bamboo to open in early July

We all know by now that it is impossible to get bored in Siófok. As soon as the good weather arrives, the town is filled with life and each year it welcomes visitors with so many attractions and a long and varied list of events. Waterfront adventures will start on 9 June 2023, when the water skiing season finally starts in Siófok. At the beginning of the month, the Bamboo Water Ski course will also open to visitors.


What makes wakeboarding special?

Wakeboarding, also known as water skiing, is a truly extreme sport that combines elements of skiing, snowboarding and surfing, but at the same time offers a completely different challenge from, say, classic windsurfing. Wakeboarders glide on top of the water while being pulled by a motorboat using a rope, or towed along a rope course.

Maintaining stability is not an easy task, it definitely requires practice, but the speed and proximity to the water guarantees an unmatched experience to those who persist. This sport is a great choice for any adrenaline-junkie athletes.

Water skiing allows you to push your limits and enjoy the incomparable experience that an extreme sport provides. It’s no wonder that wakeboarding is becoming increasingly popular on Lake Balaton, as well.

The Bamboo Water Ski Course attracts young people and all those who want to try something new and exciting on their holiday. What makes wakeboarding so attractive is that this activity offers a perfect combination of a serious sport and a relaxed waterfront lifestyle, allowing you to experience true freedom while also being proud of a genuine athletic achievement.


Who is this sport recommended for?

Wakeboarding is far from an ordinary sport, so it is primarily recommended for those who like challenges and have some experience on the water, or are water sport enthusiasts already. It is a very exciting sport that is both fun and a true test of your fitness level.

Since you’ll have to maintain the balance of your body during water skiing, this sport requires some serious muscle work while also having a positive effect on developing coordination skills.

The accepted wisdom is that this sport is best suited for those who are relatively experienced in water sports or have a good level of fitness because it can be difficult for beginners the first few times. All beginnings are difficult, and this is certainly the case for water skiing. When you are trying it for the first time, controlling the board or even to stay on the surface of the water van be a real challenge.

Nevertheless, you mustn’t let the initial difficulties put you off. Once you get the hang of it, the experience is unlike anything else. Gliding freely on the water, enjoying the speed and feeling the glow of pride from an athletic achievement can provide an exhilarating adrenaline rush.

Until then, you can experiment safely on the Bamboo Water Ski course, as using the right equipment and following the safety rules will help ensure that everyone can enjoy the wakeboarding experience without having to worry.


Accommodation booking and wakeboard experiences

It is very easy to book your accommodation online at Aranypart Camping, and you can use your debit or credit card to pay. All it takes is a couple of minutes to secure your preferred spot on your selected dates.

When you arrive at the campsite, you will receive a wristband, which makes leaving and re-entering much simpler. You can also use it to benefit from the buy-one-get-one-free offer at Bamboo Island Wake Park. Camping, summer adventures and freedom. What more could you want?