Training courses, groups and corporate events

During the off-season by Lake Balaton

Feb 20, 2024

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Training courses, groups and corporate events

During the off-season by Lake Balaton

2024. February 20.

trening ssapatépítés előszezon - Aranypart Camping

Turn a group trip into an experience

There is a sweet spot somewhere between carefree holidays and formal work events, and finding it can turn corporate getaways, team building exercises and other group trips into an unforgettable experience. Training courses, for example, can only be considered an unmitigated success if participants return home recharged, satisfied and filled with positive experiences. The best way to achieve this is to carefully pick a venue that has a range of excellent amenities.

Aranypart Camping & Apartments is the ideal location for a variety of corporate events, training courses and team building activities. This is why it continues to be such a popular camping destination for groups, and why we welcome so many returning guests each year at Siófok’s Gold Coast, one of the most popular areas around Lake Balaton. During your stay with us, you will have plenty of opportunities for optional excursions, walks along the beaches of Lake Balaton, boat trips or to enjoy any of the many activities and events hosted in Siófok, to complement the scheduled formal programme.

On top of all that, Aranypart Camping & Apartments has diverse high-quality services and a range of leisure options to fill your free time. We have games and sports facilities, including volleyball, foosball, table tennis, and even mini golf right here at the campsite.

You can also enjoy a variety of wellness services without leaving your accommodation, including massage and a heated experience pool. You can also rent a bicycle to explore the surrounding area.

The secret ingredient of successful training courses and events

If you set out to organise a trip for a group, there are lots of things to consider. Each participant will have their own set of requirements, and the more people travelling together, the more areas of interest and personal preferences will need to be taken into account in order to guarantee a successful event.

But whether you are organising a team building event, a training course or any other kind of learning and development group trip, participants will want to have some time set apart for relaxing and leisure activities. It is best to draw up a schedule that allows for an opportunity to leave the everyday routine behind so that the trip resembles a real holiday as much as possible. Here at Aranypart Camping & Apartments we see proof time and again that the secret ingredient for success is none other than Lake Balaton itself. The camping experience and the experiences and amenities available at the campsite provide the added spice you need.


training courses - Aranypart Camping


The campsite and holiday village offers the best accommodation for group trips

One of the most important aspects of group trips is that they provide an excellent opportunity for team building and reinforcing existing bonds within the team through shared experiences. When you organise a training course or other event, you should endeavour to help participants get out of their usual environment, and you may even want them to leave their comfort zone. The impact of new experiences and activities is biggest when they are spread across a couple of days and nights.

The amenities available at a campsite can add a whole new dimension to any training course or similar activity. Whether you choose to stay in a tent, caravan, mobile house or apartment, camping brings people together, and provides experiences that are guaranteed to rekindle passion in even the most exhausted group of colleagues.

It is easy to accommodate even large groups of people at the campsite, and feeding them without having to go out won’t be a problem, either. Aranypart Camping has a snack bar and a restaurant as well as an on-site grocery store where you can pick up the ingredients if you want to cook together. You should definitely make time for outdoor cooking on any group trip. We have a range of well-kept and attractive fire pits and you can even buy firewood right here at the campsite.

Why choose the off-season?

Heated mobile houses and apartments

Timing is everything, especially when you’re looking to organise an adventure spanning several days for a large group of people. Many like to schedule group trips for the off-season to avoid the crowds. This way you can truly feel like you have Lake Balaton all to yourselves. Even going on trips together is more fun when the weather isn’t scorching hot. If you are worried about the chill, you will be reassured by the fact that you can also choose to stay in a heated mobile houses or apartment. In our experience, however, the weather is typically nice and warm right from the opening, and some days are decidedly summer-like.

Off-season discounts

Camping in the spring offers more than unlimited freedom and an early holiday experience: you will also save some money compared to the height of the summer thanks to seasonal discounts. Managing your budget is even more important when planning a group trip or training course, because the more you have left over after paying for your accommodation, the more you can spend on activities and experiences.

Book or request a quote early

Off-season holidays by Lake Balaton are very popular among groups, and for good reason, so you should book your accommodation as early as possible to avoid disappointment. You can even book a tent pitch at Aranypart Camping online, and it only takes a few clicks to reserve any other accommodation type, as well.

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