Aranypart Camping & Apartments awaits in 2024 with a host of new improvements

All your wishes are fulfilled

Feb 5, 2024

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Aranypart Camping & Apartments awaits in 2024 with a host of new improvements

All your wishes are fulfilled

2024. February 05.

Aranypart Camping lakókocsi parcella sátorhely mobil ház

Behind the scenes at Aranypart Camping & Apartments

Every year, it is with mixed emotions that we acknowledge that the season has ended and the campsite is going to rest for a while. However, we can’t be idle over the autumn and winter periods either, and the Aranypart Camping & Apartments team keeps working hard at this super holiday spot, situated on the most beautiful beach of Lake Balaton, in Siófok. This campsite is our passion, which is why we watch and listen to you all year round. As a first step, we collected all your constructive feedback and your important comments so that we could use them to create a detailed development plan.

The plan is now ready, and after many, many busy days, we are going to let you in on the many cool things we have accomplished and what innovations we are currently working on. At Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort, you are guaranteed a high-quality camping experience in Siófok in 2024.


Let the fun begin at our flawless mini golf course!

Active relaxation is one of our core values at Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort. Sports facilities, a playground, foosball, bicycle rental and many other cool opportunities await you during your time here. This year, we will also renovate the mini golf course for you: it be levelled out, repainted and given a new felt covering in preparation for the campsite championships.

Aranypart Camping & Üdülőfalu lakókocsi parcella sátorhely mobil ház

Carmen and Rosa await you completely refreshed

Our apartments and mobile houses are, without a doubt, among our most popular accommodation options at Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort. These heated indoor accommodations guarantee comfort during a long weekend or a spontaneous trip to Lake Balaton even during the spring or autumn off-season. For the 2024 season, we will redecorate these great places for your perfect holiday in Siófok.

The Carmen and Rosa buildings will be repainted, so you will be greeted by light new walls. Most of them will also receive a new coat of paint on the outside, so you can enjoy even prettier sights just walking around the campsite.

Many places will also be refurbished. The Carmen Plus and Rosa houses will also receive a number of new sofa sets. Sit back and enjoy the comfort! We will get rid of everything that is not quite up to scratch or does not serve your requirements perfectly. Many beds and mattresses will be replaced at Aranypart with completely new ones, in the interest of your perfect comfort.

We are also replacing kitchen furniture, cupboards and lighting fixtures, repairing or replacing everything that falls even slightly below our standards of perfection. It is very important to us that you should be satisfied with everything on your arrival, down to the last kitchen cabinet door handle.

Aranypart Camping & Apartments lakókocsi parcella sátorhely mobil ház

Accessible ramps and steps

We will continue to update the steps leading to our Eurocomfort houses. We are buying all the steel, wood and paint we need to make sure they are all ready for the time when you arrive. We are also installing accessible ramps for two single-story and one two-story building.


Enjoy your holiday in even more comfort on our caravan plots

In 2024, we are creating new caravan plots and installing electrical outlets at them. We will also expand the power supply on some existing plots, where necessary. A 10 amp power connection on each of the old and new caravan plots is included in the basic price, and you will not have to pay for your electricity usage.

We Aranypart Camping & Apartments love our environment to be beautiful and green, so we will take extra care to putting in new plants at the new caravan plots.


Enjoy a splash in Lake Balaton or in our experience pool

Last year, we were hit by a huge burst of rain, and a large puddle was formed at the northern end of 3rd Street, near the last two plots. The problem was one of drainage, so we got some experts in to sort out our temporary and unwanted duck pond. If you’re feeling like having a dip, we recommend you try our heated experience pool or everyone’s favourite, Lake Balaton, instead.

The expert solution to our problem was the installation of a pipe that helps drain precipitation into the ditch that runs along the edge of the site.


The shared kitchen will also be redecorated and revamped

The shared kitchen is an important community hub at Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort. It’s the birthplace of classic camping dishes, special family recipes and quick Mediterranean pastas after a busy day at the beach. The atmosphere and appearance of the kitchen is critical for the quality of the cooking experiences. This year, the campsite kitchen will be hardly recognisable. We are removing all the tin covering, and installing a new sink counter and brand new sinks. It will all look lovely!

Spick and span sanitary blocks

The exterior and interior renovation of the sanitary block was one of the big projects we wanted to deliver in order to make the 2024 season even more pleasant here at Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort. The walkways, the roof, the boiler houses, the foundation and the exterior parts have all been renovated. The showers and other tiled areas, as well as the ceiling have been retiled and all the doors have been repainted. We’ve replaced all the old lights, installed new toilets, and renovated the baby baths. Safety is also an important consideration in the sanitary blocks, which is why potentially slippery floors have been re-surfaced, and all the floors have been industrially cleaned. Everything will shiny and new by the time the season begins!


The buildings where the best dishes are made deserve extra TLC

We hope you that Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort is a true gastro campsite. You can get a full range of culinary services here. With its typical Hungarian dishes and hearty portions, The First Kitchen is a great place to eat every single day. Although you may not notice, it is important to know that the building could do with some new roof insulation, so we will also be doing some renovation there.

Delicious dishes and beautiful views

Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort is located directly on the beach of Lake Balaton, so you can enjoy wonderful views of the water while sipping a refreshing cocktail or delicious Balaton wines. We try to match the built environment to these beautiful natural features and remove everything that might be an eyesore. We took a good, hard look around, and noticed the concrete foundations of an old guard booth next to one of the snack bars. So we are demolishing this and getting rid of other unnecessary concrete remains in the camping area.

Last touches and the first birds of the spring

The opening of the campsite approaches, and we are very excited for the moment when this wonderful place will be filled with fun again. Come and enjoy the many new things that are being prepared for you so that you can enjoy the carefree camping life! Be among the first to try out new features, and book your accommodation even for the pre-season.