Family accommodation in Siófok

A great place where you can get together!

Family accommodation in Siófok

A great place where you can get together!

2024. May 21.

szállás Siófok családi rendezvények Aranypart Camping & Apartements Balaton

Lake Balaton: Where Great Encounters Happen

The best moments are spent together! The Aranypart Camping & Apartments is an accommodation in Siófok where you can fully enjoy your stay, because thanks to our wide range of services you can spend your time with us in the greatest comfort.


An ideal venue for cousin reunions, family events

In every family’s life, there are important events, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, special family celebrations. It’s often challenging to choose the ideal location for those unforgettable moments, especially when you have a large family.

In an impersonal restaurant, you get together only for the meal, missing out on what truly matters in this kind of celebration: memorable moments, time to talk, play, and enjoy family activities.

That is why many people choose to hold these special occasions at home. However, this approach has its drawbacks, as catering tasks often take key individuals away from the shared moments.

If you are planning a big celebration or special gathering, go beyond the usual and bring your beloved family to Lake Balaton. Aranypart Camping & Apartments can be the ideal location for you!

Aranypart Camping & Apartments offers pleasant beachfront accommodations in Siófok, where you can enjoy your time without the hassle of cooking all day or cramming into a small apartment! Thanks to our well-equipped apartments and mobile houses, we can comfortably accommodate even the largest families. And the gastronomic, recreational, and amenities services available at the campsite will provide everything you need for a fun family day at Lake Balaton.


Shared experiences bring us closer together

If you find yourself in a situation where beloved relatives are scattered by the demands of life, maintaining connections with those who live far away becomes all the more important. Personal encounters and shared experiences become essential in fostering these bonds.

Many people schedule their big get-togethers around Christmas, but this isn’t always ideal. Overcrowded schedules, difficulty coordinating activities, and increased stress can detract from the much-needed gathering.

If you are looking for a real holiday and unforgettable experiences together, free from the responsibilities of hospitality, then a traditional summer cousin get-together at Aranypart Camping & Apartments is just for you!


accommodation in Siófok Aranypart Camping & Apartements

Caravan pitches at the campsite and resort village


Experience the comfort of home

The Aranypart Camping & Apartments is a special accommodation in Siófok, as it has the family atmosphere of a classic campsite, but it is also a real resort village, as it offers you various services and comfortable, fully equipped mobile houses and apartments.

The houses offer comfortable beds, sofa beds, private bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens and a pleasant stay for all. Depending on availability, you can book accommodation in close proximity to each other from our range of apartments and mobile houses.

Aranypart Camping & Apartments is an accommodation in Siófok where every family can have a private space, while still being together.

In the evenings, you can reminisce around a campfire at one of the cosy fire pits, and during the day you can enjoy new and memorable moments, taking advantage of the services offered by the campsite and resort village and the surrounding area.


accommodation in Siófok Balaton Carmen apartment

Aranypart Camping & Apartments Siófok – Carmen apartment

Free baby kit

We also aim to make holidays more comfortable for families with babies. You can request a free baby kit at reception, which includes large items such as a high chair, bath tub or cot. You won’t need to bring these items with you, making packing more convenient. There is also a baby bath in sanitary unit 3.

Accommodation is free for children under two

We also offer additional benefits for families with babies. For children under the age of two, there is no personal fee for caravan pitches and tent pitches.

You can also bring your four-legged family members with you

Aranypart Camping & Apartments is a truly family-friendly accommodation in Siófok, where your pets are welcome too. We know that for many people, puppies are truly part of the family. That’s why they are welcome in both our mobile houses and apartments. With us, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, even when you bring along your four-legged friends.


accommodation in Siófok Balaton dog-friendly accommodation

Aranypart Camping & Apartments is dog-friendly accommodation


A Meal Together: The Highlight of Family Gatherings

Eating together is an important part of quality time and family gatherings. The campsite and resort village offers great gastronomic services to ensure these defining moments. Right next to your accommodation, you’ll find a restaurant serving delicious meals, with huge portions, local specialities, modern dishes and homemade flavours.

In addition to the restaurant, there is a buffet, a bar, and a convenience store available. If you’re in the mood for a snack, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your needs and tastes.

Aranypart Camping & Apartments is an accommodation in Siófok with excellent catering facilities, ensuring you can enjoy your time together without feeling rushed. In many places, events are organised on a large scale, and this urgency does not suit family moments.

Fortunately, at Aranypart Camping & Apartments, you won’t find an uncle with a hearty appetite trying to save a bite from a four-person plate with clever maneuvers while the table is being cleared around him. In the campsite’s excellent restaurant you can eat at the leisurely pace of a real holiday resort.

A versatile accommodation in Siófok – active leisure and informal get-togethers

The campsite and resort village is a versatile accommodation in Siófok, where you can not only relax, but also enjoy active recreation.

Kids need plenty of exercise and space, which they can enjoy freely at Aranypart Camping & Apartments. Cousins living far away from each other can play, run around and share experiences, just like their parents did as children.

Our sports fields are a great way to spend time with the whole family. You can play foosball, ping pong, volleyball, and even mega chess! If you’d rather just cheer, you can do that too, relaxing in the shade while enjoying a refreshing cocktail or a fresh draught beer!


Pool, massage and beach at Lake Balaton

Aranypart Camping & Apartments is a pleasant, waterside accommodation in Siófok, where you’ll experience a true holiday atmosphere! The campsite and resort village is located directly along the shore of Lake Balaton and has six exits to one of the most beautiful and largest free beaches of the city: Aranypart.

You can relax not only by Lake Balaton but also in our own heated adventure pool. For guests seeking complete relaxation, we also offer professional massage services.


Lifelong adventures that should not be missing from your family photo album!

Aranypart Camping & Apartments is an accommodation in Siófok where the whole family is guaranteed to have a memorable experience. Long conversations, water adventures, mornings filled with your kids’ excitement, and the joy of packing snacks for a big family trip are just some of the great moments you’ll never forget.

There are also plenty of leisure activities and beautiful places to visit in Siófok and the surrounding area, which are well worth your time. You can also hire bicycles at the campsite, adding to the enjoyment of your time together with a family bike ride.

We highly recommend checking out the boat trips from the port of Siófok, a visit to the Bella Zoo Park, but it’s also worth taking a look at the breathtaking panorama of Lake Balaton from the Water Tower in the city centre.

It can be as unforgettable as an informal outdoor barbecue at the campsite or a stroll along the coast at sunset.


An accommodation in Siófok that awaits you!

Aranypart Camping & Apartments is a family accommodation in Siófok, where small and large groups can relax in comfort. To secure your place, simply book the accommodation type and date you prefer, and start preparing for your holiday.

You can book your accommodation online with just a few clicks. And you can secure your place by paying the deposit fee. You can pay for your accommodation using a credit card or a debit card issued by any service provider. Booking is easy, and in return, you can create lifelong family memories.