Aranypart Camping & Apartments launches the early off-season in Siófok

Don’t miss out this spring!

Feb 12, 2024

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Aranypart Camping & Apartments launches the early off-season in Siófok

Don’t miss out this spring!

2024. February 12.

Aranypart Camping lakókocsi parcella sátorhely mobil ház

The camping season is about to start – Don’t miss out this spring!

Aranypart Camping & Apartments resort in Siófok will launch the spring off-season on 19 April 2024, offering an excellent opportunity to finally break with your everyday routine. If you missed the spring getaway last year, or if you have yet to experience the benefits of this period at all, then it’s high time you tried this versatile experience.

Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort is located in the most popular part of Siófok, where you can simultaneously enjoy the beauty of the Lake Balaton beach and the extra comfort that a really modern campsite offers. Come in the spring, take advantage of the fact that you can finally relax outdoors after the long winter. Read on to learn about all we’re offering to make this a perfect experience for you, well beyond the tired stereotypes that many people still harbour about traditional camping holidays.


A completely new kinds of camping experience

Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort in Siófok couldn’t be more different from the image that many still have of camping. When you hear the word ‘camping’, childhood memories may be evoked of waking up sweaty in a tent and sleeping uncomfortably on the ground. Of course, it’s possible to look back at old memories through rose-tinted glasses, as the romance of camping has enriched our lives with such amazing experiences that we can easily forgive ants crawling on our snacks and the tent cords getting all tangled up. However, any experienced camper knows that this type of accommodation has also undergone serious changes, which brought with them a significant increase in comfort.

There is a lot that could be said about the development of camping equipment and tents, and the level of luxury that these bits of kit can offer during a modern tent holiday experience, or about the new generation of air-conditioned caravans, but the most significant change is the appearance of indoor accommodation. Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort in Siófok adopts a truly modern approach: here, you will find everything you need for a genuine holiday feeling, even in the spring off-season period.


Indoor accommodation bring summer to the campsite even in springtime


What do our mobile houses and apartments offer?


Aranypart Camping & Apartments lakókocsi parcella sátorhely mobil ház


Heated accommodation at the campsite

Indoor accommodation options are very popular in the off-season, as they allow you to relax in comfortable warmth even at chilly spring nights, without forcing you to give up on being close to nature and enjoying the authentic lakeside atmosphere.

If you are worried that the weather can be a bit changeable in the spring, then indoor accommodation is just for you. Even a cooler night can’t spoil the experience, as you can set whatever temperature you want in your mobile house or apartment.


Aranypart Camping & Apartments lakókocsi parcella sátorhely mobil ház


Comfort and stylish interiors

Do you love camping, but your favourite travel companion doesn’t enjoy it as much because they insist on comfort? Try the indoor accommodation options at Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort and all your wishes will be fulfilled at the same time. A mobile house or apartment gives you the same level of comfort as your own home, but you still won’t have to give up on an authentic camping atmosphere and being close to nature.

The mobile houses and apartments are cosy on the outside and designed for relaxation on the inside. Each house has a spacious patio where you can sit to read or even share breakfast, but it can also be an ideal space for early evening wine tasting and long conversations while all wrapped up in blankets.

The houses were designed in such a way that the interior spaces encourage both relaxation and joint activities. If you liked socialising, cooking together, or just hanging out with your loved ones, you can do all of that during a spring getaway. Each house has a sofa set, a dining area, comfortable beds, a well-equipped, modern kitchen, your own personal toilet and shower facilities.


Aranypart Camping & Apartments Siófok lakókocsi parcella sátorhely mobil ház


Nature on your doorstep

In the spring, nature is in full bloom, everything is beautiful, fresh and green, and even the blue of Lake Balaton is more vivid than usual. It is an ideal period time of year for hiking and exploring. You can rent a bicycle at the campsite and look around the area, Lake Balaton has many exciting cycling routes. Or, if you just want to sit and gaze at Lake Balaton, you don’t even have to leave your accommodation, because Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort is located in the most beautiful part of Siófok, right on the waterfront. You also have the opportunity for active recreation available locally, as there are sports facilities, a playground and even a heated experience pool waiting for you during your spring adventure.


Aranypart Camping & Apartments in Siófok offers modern and versatile accommodation

We also offer various extras and superb convenience services. These make Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort in Siófok a truly ideal destination if you want to escape into nature while also not missing anything you need for complete relaxation. The campsite has an excellent restaurant, with a varied offer and huge portions, which attracts hungry guests, but there is also a snack bar, bar, a café and a convenience store on site. In addition to the versatile culinary offer, you’ll also have the opportunity to relax, and if you are longing to be pampered, you can sign up for a massage session right here at the campsite.


Adventures by the water in the spring

Aranypart Camping & Holiday resort in Siófok has everything that we love about Lake Balaton. Waterside atmosphere, delicious food, magical natural surroundings, interesting activities, lots of opportunities for active relaxation and, last but not least, comfort. An off-season holiday in a mobile house or apartment is just like a holiday in the main season, except there are some things you can only experience during this time of year. There is always a greater sense of freedom in the off-season because there are not too many people around yet, you can do more activities, the heat is not as suffocating, and even the prices are lower in the off-season!

Book your accommodation online at Aranypart Camping & Apartments for a spring experience and choose one of our indoor accommodation options. Whether you already love Lake Balaton in the spring, or if you haven’t experienced an off- season holiday yet, make sure you don’t miss out on the vacancies of the season!