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Dear Guest,

The amendment of Act CLVI of Year 2016 on the State’s Tasks Concerning the Development of Tourism Areas entered into force on 1 January 2021. Pursuant to this amendment, the providers of accommodation services must register the data as per specified in the prevailing laws of any guests using any accommodation services in the data storage system operated by the data storage service provider assigned by the Government for the purposes as per specified in the laws.

Accordingly, we are, as from 1 September 2021, allowed to provide accommodation service toguests only who hold a valid personal identification document i.e.

  • personal identity card or
  • driving license or
  • passport

Above rule is applicable to children under the age of 18 years too so please, before departure, check whether your children hold the documents required for their travel.

Children under 14 do not have to present their ID. Their details can be provided by their parent or guardian.

The documents must be presented upon arrival at the reception desk. Our check-in staff will register the data contained in the travel documents in our system by a document scanner.

If no any document presented, we must reject you to use our accommodation services.

Number plate recognition system

As of this season, a number plate recognition system will operate at our campsite. Only those guests will be able to access the campsite in a vehicle who have a valid booking and who have paid 100% of the price of the accommodation at reception.

What you need to know about the system:

  • The barrier will only open if you have checked-in at reception and paid for the accommodation.

  • When you arrive, please park at the car park by the gate and go to the reception to check-in.

  • You my use the service on the campsite until 8PM on your check-out day and leave the site by car. If you leave after 8PM on your day of departure, the barrier won’t open and you will be charged for an extra day.